Corporate Governance


Committed to ethics and transparency


Committed to ethics and transparency


We believe that strong business principles and high corporate governance standards are the fundamentals of successful businesses.

The Board of Directors of Taiko has applied and complied with the guidelines highlighted in the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance to the extent that they are relevant to the Company.

We consider corporate governance as a self-regulatory process that strives to ensure that the Group’s operations and objectives are implemented and dedicated to upholding the highest standards of conduct and ethics in our businesses, employees, supply chain and long-term business prosperity in order to protect the interests of all stakeholders.


We’re Certified to Deliver Results

We successfully obtained the following certifications which gives more confidence and assurance to discerning customers when deciding on our terminal facilities.


Sustainability drives opportunity

In all of our businesses, we deliver sustainable, game-changing and market-driven innovations. By helping our customers create products that reduce carbon emissions and resource consumption and enable circulation, we deliver value to our customers and society, while increasing our competitiveness.


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